Championing Plants, People and the Planet


Long before “eco-friendly” became a buzzword, the team at Silver Vase was focused on forward-thinking and responsible production practices. We were a decade ahead of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) curve, establishing our Clean and Green program more than 25 years ago. Today, we continue to innovate and push boundaries with the goal of growing healthier and more robust plants, protecting people and doing our part to safeguard the planet.

Clean and Green

Guided by the highest standards, Silver Vase limits the use of pesticides so that plants can be brought to you healthy and free of chemical residue – clean and green. Instead of taking short cuts with endless spraying, we utilize insect netting and introduce beneficial insects into the greenhouse environment. When we do spray, it’s primarily with people- and plant-friendly OMRI-certified chemicals that don’t have to be used as often as traditional chemicals.

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Other sustainability practices include:

• Local collection of rainwater for irrigation

• Regular review of fertilizer and water usage to avoid overuse and waste

• Recycling of cardboard, pallet and organic materials

• Working with global suppliers to optimize the supply chain and minimize its footprint

• Limiting usage of single-use plastics and recycling/reusing plastics whenever possible

• Deploying machinery that helps people become more productive rather than replacing our team members with automation

• Sharing our knowledge from round the world with local vendors to help their businesses and communities

• Incorporating greenery from local businesses into our garden arrangements 

An Ongoing Commitment

For all of us at Silver Vase, sustainability isn’t “once and done.” We constantly try to improve our practices by exploring new protocols and refining existing ones. We’re in this for the long haul, and we pledge to honor our sustainability commitment today and in the future just as we have throughout our history.

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