Dramatic and vivid, Mystique Orchids draw customers in for a closer look.

This naturally-infused inked orchid has received rave reviews and generated customer enthusiasm consistently over the last decade. These long-lasting and vivid best sellers are the result of a process that infuses them with a specially formulated medium. Perfected over many years of research and testing, this process uses naturally derived elements and is environmentally conscious.

Silver Vase offers eight striking Mystique colors:
• Blue
• Lila (lilac)
• Cyprus (aquamarine)
• Pink
• Indigo
• Green
• Orange
• Pink Lemonade

Because Phalaenopsis orchids have a strong natural filtering system that protects them in the wild, our Blue, Lila, Cyprus, Pink, Green and Orange Mystiques will rebloom white. Our iridescent Indigo Mystique will rebloom a lovely purple, while the Pink Lemonade Mystique will rebloom a serene yellow.